yod-1.3.5 Released

{ Posted by Icystar on 2015-01-23 22:38:18 }

- Modify the method handle of class Yod_Server
- Modify the method __construct and __call of class Yod_Client
- Fixed a bug in yod_client_http_request
- Modify the method __construct of class Yod_Application
- Change the autoload mechanism
- Change the error handling mechanism
- Fixed a bug in yod_client_http_request
- Improve the startup mechanism
- Modify the method select, update and delete of class Yod_Database
- Fixed issue #1 yod_dbpdo.c#L181 (a bug in yod_dbpdo_connect)
- Modify the method import, plugin and autoload of class Yod_Base
- Add a configure option --with-yod-crypt[=screw] for yod crypt support